Advanced Rheumatology Center

Sports Injuries

The Hirsh Center diagnoses and treats musculoskeletal problems that are a result of sporting injuries.  The number and types of sports injuries that can be treated non-surgically has expanded dramatically over the last decade.  Many rotator cuff injuries, even including partial rotator-cuff tears can now be successfully treated by our state-of-the-art physicians.

Dr. Hirsh, Dr. Singh, Dr. Galvez, Dr. Raheem, and Evan Abramsky PA-C have a special interest in the non-surgical treatment of many types of sports injuries using highly-targeted ultrasound-guided injections with steroid (cortisone), as well as with tissue-regenerative techniques such as the use of platelet rich plasma injections. Dr. Galvez is double-board certified in sports medicine and family medicine.

Activity-related injuries can develop into much more serious problems if they are not diagnosed and treated early and can potentially stop sports men and women continuing with their chosen sport.

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